Submission No. 17

Julianne Swartz, Close (Two Arms), 2010

This is so beautiful. Sorry to be so simple in my riff, but it is.

Look at the various colors. The dark green in the up right corner, the aquamarine moving to a kind of neon bright glow moving to blue and lavender.

Look at how the finger tip at the right is slightly out of focus — so we see the fingerprint, the pinkish, concentric lines of a unique human being’s finger, but we also see the yellowish fatty flesh, the glistening, almost aquatic edge.

And the other finger, more remote, with a blurry boundary, vibrating, brownish, greenish.

The central point of focus, of course, is a drop of water. It hangs in a kind of cosine curve. It looks verdant. It is a universe of its own. There are mossy hillsides, canopies, foliage, waterfalls, a black eye, a strange arching form, motions, fragments.

It is likely to drop. Time is captured in this image too. Brevity. Life — blink – death. Stasis — blink — change. It is (I know, I know, here I go again… but I have to write uncensored) sexual. It is sad. It is fragile. And it is primordial.

Touch. What is better than touch? Anything at all?

About Tom Clyde

The best place to learn about me is to read my riffs. What could be more revealing? Cheeky, maybe, but true enough.

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