Submission No. 19

Wings of destiny, Number 5 Studio (Douglas Winter and Kathryn Mayo)

Wings of destiny, Number 5 Studio (Douglas Winter and Kathryn Mayo)
Plate #56 Hide Under the Shadow of your Wings
[ under the shadow neither man nor of God ]
Collodion print 2011

This image is oddly antiquated. Without knowing the technique (I riff on what I see), I am guessing that it is complicated. The brownish tone, with gray accents, conjures a kind of laboratory of the past. Experiments done with chemicals and tools. I think of the filmmaker Guy Maddin.

The result: a woman with birds wings over her eyes. Glossy lipstick. Fingers painting with metallic paint. A full and shapely nose. A few hairs rising up from her thick, black hair.

I get that she is defending herself, or transforming. Shades of Ovid. But the image lacks some element of tension, some direction, to give me something else to hold, to ponder, to consider. It confronts me but withholds. It is technically interesting but stops short of sharing with me. I want it to give to me, but the love seems to have gone into the technique instead of truly offered.

This may, however, be a part of a larger series. The context may be missing.

What do I see?

Poor dead bird. Poor dead all of us. Poor dead past. We are victims of a bludgeoning, brutal world. Perhaps this is what is suggested in the title: Hide Under the Shadow of Your Wings [under the shadow of neither man nor of God].

The old verities are gone.

You are your own shadow-maker.

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The best place to learn about me is to read my riffs. What could be more revealing? Cheeky, maybe, but true enough.

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  1. The technique used here on this image is collodion and this is a contemporary tintype.

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