Submission No. 25

I found this out in the world and want to know how it seems, devoid of context. — M

The old visual trope of an “idea”. Lightbulb over head.

But — with considerable effort  and care — abstracted.

Reduced to two colors. Reduced to very simple geometries.

A perfectly circular bulb, with equidistant lines representing, so it reads, the light emanating from it, and a rectangular cap at the top representing the base of the bulb.

Then there’s the exclamation point, meaning, as always: add urgency to whatever you otherwise are experiencing here.

It is a caution to us? Be careful, this idea is dangerous! Or is it a threat? I will blow you away with this idea if you do not take care! Or is it an encouragement?

I like it because it takes the extreme feeling of an exclamation point and ties it to the possibility of something occurring to someone — a mental act. It presumes that what happens in our minds can be THAT IMPORTANT so as to require its own image, its own representation.

Let us all carry this emblem with us all the time. The world would be a better place if we lived under its spell — more respect given to our subjective states.

You might say this image could serve as an appropriate superhero chest design for Marcel Proust. The Searcher for Lost TIme! Slower than a tea-soaked madeleine! More sensitive than a blooming hawthorn bush!

About Tom Clyde

The best place to learn about me is to read my riffs. What could be more revealing? Cheeky, maybe, but true enough.

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