Submission No. 51

Kenny Schachter riffs on art market pricing. Or, in fact, he rants. I know, Tom, this isn’t really your thing. Perhaps, though, it’s a metaphor for a larger problem, like the mass production of instantly disposal high-value materials disguised as fashion objects? – Miriam

Miriam. This is blunt, bruising stuff. Images of art (some of them probably good seen alone, in seriousness) but sterile angry colored letters over them or on the side of them. Something about prices. Celebrity. A war in the making. Righteousness. Concern. Lost me. Bored me. This itself is art of indignation and incoherence. A rant is too good a word for it. It is kind of a whine disguised as a lecture. Perhaps I just don’t know the subject (overpricing? corruption in the art gallery world? Greed (no!) in the consumer/capitalist society we live in?).

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