How do I submit for riff?

Thanks for asking! This is a curated website and I invite you to send something for me to include in the program. If you could post a comment on this page, including a link to an image or of writing or a website or what-have-you, that would be ideal. I will respond to you within a week or so. Please have patience with me, I’m not sure how this will work out!   Since this is currently an idiosyncratic two-pony show, please know that if your work doesn’t appear, it signifies absolutely nothing about your project.   — Miriam

One comment

  1. Hi!

    My name is Willem, a young artist from Belgium, somewhere on the other end of some ocean.

    Recently I discovered the writings of Alva Noë, which I find to offer legitimate means of orientation these days. I’ve noticed that you, Miriam, are married to him an that you are an artist.
    So I checked it out on the web. I appreciate what you do. Through an organic/jungle-like/yeast-like/matrixial approach you manage to transmit a joyful vitality. It looks like a personal, willful and idiosyncratic response to present day challenges; concerning for example how we produce & consume, which is related to the extend that we feel attached or detached from our bodies being part of greater whole, so to what extend we are able to share. A keyword seems serendipity, not as something ephemeral or as a fixed hypothesis, but manifested by specific and confined things, without being static: living things.

    Just felt like sharing these impressions.
    If you’d find the time to check it out, here’s my website:

    A smile from here to there,


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