Who is Miriam Dym?

Miriam Dym is an artist and business person who seeks to save the world by saving all her trash. She recognizes that her methodology might be flawed and is quietly pursuing alternative means of salvation. While trying to avoid these things in her home, Miriam adores accumulations, heaps and piles, particularly of gravel, boulders, tree branches, 12″ and greater diameter pipes as well as containers, like the kind you see piled up on container ships. (Related to her love of patterns and repetition, come to think of it, Miriam may use a repeat pattern of containers for wall-paper or dress-fabric next season. Has it already been done?)

Dym has an abiding interest in garbage, waste, trash, discards, all of which are really about consumption and excess. If you’d like to see some ways she approaches garbage, waste, trash, discards, please visit DYMproducts.com.

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