Who is Tom Clyde?

Tom Clyde is strange. He really, really likes beauty and goodness and love. He means it. The rest is not that important to him. He’s not buying. He just wants the maximum of beauty and goodness and love for himself, and for the people in his life, in this life.

Oh, and enough to eat, and fresh water.

Over the years he has directed a lot of plays, founded a theater, directed a feature film, and has a number of current projects, mostly involving writing and film. He is married and has three young children, two boys and a girl. Submit for Riff reminds him of why art matters: because it is a channel, a current, a trickle, a torrent, sometimes a broad river moving slowly in the sun, leading to beauty and goodness and love, in their many, many different forms. What could possibly be better?


  1. Hi Tom – hope you get this – I recently discovered a comment you wrote about Patternity- the creative organisation I co-founded 3 years ago. Without doubt it was one of the most succinct pieces of writing about us to date – I wanted to say a huge thank you as you ‘get’ it. We are hosting an event in April in London aka Pattern Power – taking our ethos on exploring the positive power of pattern to connect and inspire offline and into the real world – let me know if you’d like any further information // http://londonewcastle.com/arts-programme/events/2013-04-05/pattern-power-superstripe/ very best.

  2. Hi Anna. Finally responding, months later! I’m glad you found that my riff responds well to what your website Patternity is busy exploring. Keep sending me notices of what you are up to, if you get the chance. I am VERY interested in ways to talk about values and responsibility and ethics of all kinds, through close attention to the phenomena of this world. Don’t you feel that there is a new language — still to be born — based on observation and beauty and shared commitments (rather than the old “spirituality” blah blah)? Patterns are part of it. The extraordinary values of science (evidence, honesty, parsimony, peer review) are part of it. Increasing our capacity to love is part of it (that’s always the sticking point, isn’t it?). Thank you for the invitation.

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